Trapeza Beach (Paralia Trapezis 250 03, Greece)

Trapeza Beach (Paralia Trapezis) is our favourite local beach! This small pebble beach has several excellent tavernas (we recommend Michalēs), sun loungers for hire (free if you buy a drink), beautiful scenery and crystal clear water.

Also worth checking out are the beaches in Diakopto (Paralia Diakoptou – more of a party vibe), Nikolaiika (Paralia Nikoleikon – great for windsurfing), and Elaionas (Paralia Eleona – closest to the hotel)


The town of Aigio (population of ~ 50,000) is the second largest city in the region of Archaea outside of Patras. Aigio is a bustling town, with several restaurants, markets, shops and cafés. Aigio is a great place to get lost in for an afternoon. Beware of the narrow streets if you’re driving! Visit local shops and churches, stop for a coffee in the main town square, or go for a meal down by the harbor.

Here are some of our favorite cafes and restaurants:

Habit Café for coffee (the main square (plateía) has been under construction lately) – Zaimi 3, Egio 251 00, Greece

Pik Nik for souvlaki (the main square (plateía) has been under construction lately) – Germanou 10, Egio 251 00, Greece

Deja-vu Cafe Bar for coffee (there are several good cafes along this street which turn into bars in the evening) – Mitropoleos 63, Egio 251 00, Greece

Cityzen for great food and setting (the harbour is home to several excellent restaurants with views of the gulf of Corinth) – Zoodochou Pigis 109, Egio 251 00, Greece

Oréstēs for seafood (great spot for lunch or dinner) –  Poseidonos 86, Egio 251 00, Greece


Diakopto is a traditional rural Greek village (population ~ 8000) and is situated near the mouth of the Vouraikos gorge and river. According to mythology, Hercules loved Voura, daughter of Nefeligeretis and Helice and he opened this passage to meet her at the sea. Thus, the river took the name “Vouraikos”.

Diakopto has a small beach with a few café’s and bars, a number of great bakeries, a railway station with connections to Athens and to the mountain town of Kalavryta, (the funicular train from Diakopto to Kalavryta runs three times a day, offering spectacular views of the mountain range and Vouraikos gorge).


Kalavryta is a municipality in the mountain ranges of Archaea, Peloponnese. This mountain town is driven largely by ski tourism in the winter (Kalavryta ski center at Mount Chelmos) and hiking in the summer. The town itself is filled with small hotels, restaurants, bars and shops selling local artisanal products. There is also a memorial and a small museum of important historical significance relating to events that took place during World War II. Nearby Kalavrita are two important monasteries, Agia Lavra and Mega Spileo. Beyond Kalavrita is also the Cave of Lakes, a popular spelunking destination.

Tetramythos Winery

The Tetramythos winery is about a 20 minute drive from the Semantron hotel on the road to Kalavryta. They have an excellent selection of organic wines. Stop by for a wine tasting if you get a chance.


Patras is the third largest city in Greece (population ~220,000) and is located about 30 minutes west of the Semantron hotel. It is the capital of Archaia and the gateway to Western Greece, with ferry routes to the Ionian Greek Islands and Italy. Patras is an important commercial hub and home to the third largest university in Greece. There are plenty of sights to take-in including the church of St. Andrew, the Castle of Patras, the Archeological Museum and the Achaia Clauss Winery. For restaurants we recommend Ntezene (Kanakari 182, Patra 262 21, Greece) or Labarytnthos (Poukevil 44, Patra 262 23, Greece)

Kykao Brewery - Platani 265 04, Greece

For decades, the Greek beer scene has been dominated by large manufacturers including Alpha, Fix and Mythos. Recently, several craft breweries have emerged to challenge the way Greeks think about and enjoy beer. Our favourite brewery is local to the Peloponnese and produces a fantastic array of craft beers. The owners are extremely friendly, and we highly encourage you to stop by the brewery for a visit to sample some of their beers. The brewery, located just outside of Patras, is a 20-minute drive from the Semantron.