Nemea (1h 20min drive)

Nemea has both contemporary and historical significance in Greece. In Greek mythology, it was home to the Nemean lion, whom Herculese slaughtered as one of 12 labours. Nemea is a beautiful region, nestled among mountains, rolling hills and vineyards. Take a day to visit Ancient Nemea where the biennial Nemean Games were held in honour of Zeus or book a tour on the Nemean wine trail to visit several of the incredible wineries in the region.

Ancient Corinth (1 hour drive)

Ancient Corinth has an impressive archeological site and is about an hour drive from the Semantron Hotel. Ancient Corinth was originally founded in the Neolithic period between 5000-3000 BCE and is credited for the invention of black-figure pottery. The Corinthians were defeated by the Romans in 146 BCE and Corinth was declared the capital of Roman Greece in 44 BCE. Ancient Corinth was famous for the fountain of Peirene, which has important roots in Greek mythology, was revered by the Roman empire and is now considered a national treasure. A short drive from Corinth is the popular seaside resort town of Loutraki, which has a popular thermal spa and long beach filled with tavernas and cafes.

Nafplio (1h 40min drive)

Nafplio is a coastal city, located in the east of the Peloponnese, and is one of the most beautiful cities in the Peloponnese. Upon liberation from the Ottoman empire, Nafplio was named the capital of modern day Greece before it was eventually relocated to Athens. Take a day or two to visit the Fortress of Palamidi, visit the Archeological museum, take a boat ride to Bourtzi (a venetian fortress), and explore the local shops, restaurants and cafes. There are several excellent beaches nearby (Karathona, Arvanitia, and Neraki). Ancient Mycenae and ancient Epidaurus are also a short drive away.

Olympia (2 hour drive)

Olympia is home to the archaeological site of the Ancient Olympic Games, which took place every 4 years from 776 BC to atleast 393 AD. The archaeological site is one of the most extensive in Greece, with a fantastic museum documenting the history of the Olympic games. The town of Olympia is largely supported by tourism to the archeological site and has several restaurants, cafes and small hotels. There are several great beaches and coastal towns to explore near Olympia in the Western Peloponnese. We also recommend a visit to Mercouri Estate Winery (Korakochori 271 00, Greece).

Delphi (2h 15min drive)

Located on the north coast of the gulf of Corinth, Delphi was an ancient religious sanctuary dedicated to the god Apollo. It was home to the Oracle of Delphi and the priestess Pythia. Delphi is one of the most stunning archaeological sites in Greece and well worth a visit if you have time. If driving via the Rio-Antirion bridge near Patras, stop by the coastal village of Galaxidi for lunch. If driving via Athens, stop by the Monastery of Hosios Loukas, a UNESCO World Heritage site.