We are excited to celebrate our wedding with you in rural Greece, where Mack’s grandfather, Gus Christopher, grew up before immigrating to Canada in 1951. The village of Rodia, located on the beautiful Gulf of Corinth in the Northern Peloponnese, has a special place in our hearts. The Peloponnese, to the south of mainland Greece, is home to several important ancient sites including Corinth, Olympia, Argos, Mycenae and Sparta. With coastlines stretching across both the Ionian and Aegean seas, the Peloponnese was at the heart of the ancient world and of was of significant importance from a military and trade standpoint. The terrain is mainly mountainous, leading to stunning landscapes and beautiful beaches across the entire region. We can think of no better place to tie the knot and would be honoured if you could make the trip out to celebrate and experience the region’s rich culture, history and tradition.

With Love,
Mack and Mary


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